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Cross-License Memberships

  • Cross-License Memberships (CLMs) only available during Open Enrollment period.
  • Publish and Subscribe to all Autonomous Vehicle patents.
  • Fixed-price annual payments (by patent volume)
    • Payment includes license and Administrator fee.
    • Discounted annual renewal payments.
  • Free TAEUSworks™ patent evaluations.



  • License all AVPB published patents.
  • Amnesty from past damages available. 
  • Fixed price per AVPB patent volume.
  • Payment terms available.
  • "AVPB Licensed" marking available.



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  • All published patents paid by all Cross-License members and Subscribers. 
  • CLMs and Subscribers may use any and all AVPB patents.
  • Publishers grant amnesty for past damages.
    • Amnesty decreases annually, zero in year three (3).
  • Competitive flexibility regarding Subscribers.



  • Recruit more Publishers and Subscribers.
    • Neutrally recruit new Subscribers.
  • Evaluate patents for tier placement.
  • Advise Publishers of Subscribers roster.
  • Collect and distribute Subscriber/Publisher payments.
    • 3-tier structure.
  • Increase Publisher distributions annually.